Thursday, January 09, 2003

blahhhh......I didnt get back from IUP until 6am this morning. I was up there visiting Ryan, a potentional love interest. I slept in until around 1pm and have been online almost ever since. I have been putting off packing for school all day but I know I will get around to it before it's time to move into my dorm @ IUP. It's 717 right now and I should be getting ready to go back to indiana to meet back up with Ryan and Dave to go to pegs. I hope Ryan still isnt being weird towards me, he seems like a wonderful person and I defanitly want to get to know and possibly start a relationship with...............I am a love sick fool.....I just got a call from my friend Joey (first gay friend known for 2 months) and I have to meet him @ walmart here soon..bye byes .........will be uptdated soon